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Prodotti DIG


DIG’s line of hose end timers offers a convenient way to automate a drip or sprinkler irrigation system from a faucet (hose bib) or garden hose. DIG’s hose end timers offer programming flexibility for a wide

range of applications and use solar power or batteries (two AA batteries that can last up to 3 years) to operate , providing a unique and environmentally friendly solution for control of your systems.

Completely waterproof and able to o

perate in harsh environments, DIG’s line of battery operated controllers are dependable solution for any irrigation systems above or below grade.

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The compact size and flexible tubing design make the Micro-line dripline ideal for a wide range of applications including container and narrow plantings.


  • Manufactured from high quality, UV resistant reesins on a state-of-the-art extrusion line to ensure both durability and reliability
  • Two outlets per emitter and dripper inlet filter reduce chance of clogging
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in the landscape
  • Flexible tubing design allows for easy installation
  • Two dripper emitter spacings available: 15 cm (6″) and 30 cm (12″)
  • Two bale lenghts available: 30 m (100 ft) and 300 m (1000 ft)
  • Two colours available: Black and Brown

Convenient modular wall mounting brackets that allow the pots to be hung and removed from the wall very easily.
The wall mounting modular brackets can be easily secured to each other with a simple self-lock position for quick and easy installation and kit expansion.
The durable modular wall mounting brackets can be connected in a wide range of patterns with vertical or horizontal panels or any pattern desired.
The kits pots can easily be mounted, removed, repent and re-mounted again for very convenient system installation.

We are pleased to announce that TECO is now part of NORMA Group, an international market leader in engineered and standardized joining and fluid-handling technology. The acquisition has been completed in February 2024.
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